Code Interpretation

Our extensive experience regarding interpretation of code requirements related to buildings and systems provides a strong knowledge base, enabling us to accurately advise clients on the most efficient and cost-effective method of repairing damage to buildings and systems.

McEwen & Associates - Your Consulting Engineering Partner

Serving the insurance, legal, and construction sectors for over four decades, McEwen & Associates has been the trusted name in engineering consulting, specialising in forensic, environmental, and structural engineering.

Forensic Engineering

Whether the incident is a fire that happened this morning, or a building collapse that occurred last Spring, McEwen & Associates is able to assist in determining the cause of your loss.

Environmental Engineering

Quick response to environmental loss makes a substantial difference to the cost of rehabilitation.  Our approach to environmental project management includes geotechnical and structural evaluations of the site to determine the best and most cost-effective approach to remediation.

Structural and Civil Engineering

For more than 40 years, we have been providing engineering design of residential, commercial, institutional and industrial structures and services in project management and construction.

Project Management

For almost 50 years, the engineers at McEwen & Associates have undertaken project management services, providing construction site management, structural design review, and management of environmental rehabilitation projects.

Litigation Expertise

McEwen & Associates has experienced engineers who can help litigate your case to a successful conclusion. 

Leaders in Forensic Investigation, Environmental Services, and Building Restorations

For over four decades, McEwen & Associates has been the trusted name in engineering consulting, specialising in forensic, environmental, and structural engineering.  Our dedicated team serves the insurance, legal, and construction industries across Canada with extensive expertise and a proven track record of excellence.

Our Distinctive Offerings

Forensic Investigations: Delve into the heart of structural challenges with our highly qualified and experienced team.  From fire and flood to collapse and other impairments, we determine the cause and origin, providing invaluable insights.

Excavating an oil spill

Environmental Expertise: Redefining environmental resilience, we specialise in:

  • Heating fuel oil spills
  • Gasoline and diesel spills
  • Mould remediation
  • Contamination identification, assessment, and clean-up

Structural Restoration: Navigate the complexities of fire, building collapse, and wind and flood damage with our structural expertise.  We excel in restoring older structures, seamlessly blending modern solutions with timeless craftsmanship.

Why McEwen & Associates?

  • Proven Track Record: With over 40 years of service, our legacy is built on trust, reliability, and exceptional results.
  • Comprehensive Solutions: From forensic investigations to environmental rehabilitation and structural restoration, we offer a full spectrum of services.
  • Industry Excellence: Trusted by the insurance, legal, and construction sectors, we bring unparalleled expertise to every project.

Let's Transform Challenges into Solutions: Whether you have a project on the horizon or are facing a pressing issue, McEwen & Associates is here for you.  Complete our new assignment form or contact us to discuss your situation – because excellence begins with the right expertise.

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