WETT inspection - keeping you and your home safe.

By Hayden M. Ross, P. Eng., C.F.E.I., Wednesday, 12 November 2014

Last winter, our firm was involved in a number of investigations of fires ignited by defects in wood burning systems. As the home heating season quickly approaches, it is important to ensure that your home wood burning appliances are in good working condition. A WETT inspection, which stands for Wood Energy Technology Transfer, is a common and effective way to ensure this.

With active wood burning systems in the home, the potential for harmful pollutants to be released indoors, as well as the potential for combustible material to ignite, is elevated so it is of utmost importance to have the appliances inspected on an annual basis to help eliminate the dangers. Having a WETT inspection carried out by certified personnel can ensure that your appliance is installed properly and functioning correctly, keeping you home safe and giving your family peace of mind.