Building Systems

At McEwen & Associates, we specialise in resolving challenges.  Our core focus lies in assessing and remediating problems or failures within various building systems.  Our dedicated team of consulting engineers excels in providing targeted solutions to address issues and ensure the reliability of your infrastructure.

HVAC Systems:  Our experts specialise in diagnosing and resolving issues within Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning (HVAC) systems.  From performance assessments to targeted remediation, we ensure your HVAC systems operate efficiently and reliably.

Compressor Systems:  McEwen & Associates excels in pinpointing and rectifying failures in compressor systems.  We analyse performance, identify issues, and provide effective remediation strategies to enhance the efficiency and longevity of your compressors.

Electrical Systems:  Ensuring the safety and reliability of electrical systems is our priority.  We assess and remediate issues, providing strategic recommendations to optimise the performance of your electrical infrastructure.

Mechanical Systems:  Our focus on mechanical systems extends to in-depth failure analysis and precise remediation strategies.  Trust us to enhance the performance and reliability of your mechanical systems.

Fire Suppression Systems:  Safety is paramount, and our engineers are adept at remediating issues in fire suppression systems.  We provide targeted solutions to ensure your systems are fully prepared to respond effectively in emergency situations.


  1. Building Systems Assessment:
    • Thorough evaluation of existing building systems.
    • Identification of vulnerabilities and potential issues.
  2. Failure Analysis:
    • In-depth forensic analysis to determine the root causes of failures.
    • Comprehensive component failure analysis.
  3. Remediation Strategies:
    • Customised plans to address identified problems.
    • Implementation of effective remediation strategies.

Choose McEwen & Associates for expert building systems remediation. Contact us today to ensure the resilience and efficiency of your infrastructure.