Structural and Civil Engineering

For more than 40 years, McEwen & Associates has been providing engineering design of residential, commercial, institutional and industrial structures, and services in project management and construction.  To date, we have been involved in the design of schools, libraries, apartment complexes, waterfront/marina projects, office complexes, arenas, municipal garages, fire halls, senior citizens housing, non-profit housing complexes, and institutions for the physically and mentally handicapped.

We excel at providing structural expertise regarding the restoration of fire damage, building collapse and wind and flood damage, often for older structures prior to the advent of modern building codes.

Our in depth knowledge and understanding of structures has helped us to preserve many buildings that otherwise might have been demolished, saving our clients thousands of dollars in reconstruction costs and many months of delays due to zoning issues.

Our expert engineers bring dreams to life, offering a full spectrum of services for new constructions, renovations, and expansions. From concept to completion, trust McEwen & Associates to deliver innovative and reliable structural and civil engineering solutions.


  • New Construction Design
  • Renovation and Expansion Planning
  • Structural Assessments
  • Civil Infrastructure Development

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