Code Interpretation

Welcome to McEwen & Associates' Building Code Interpretation Services, where complex regulations are demystified.

Our extensive experience regarding interpretation of code requirements related to buildings and systems provides a strong knowledge base, enabling us to accurately advise clients on the most efficient and cost-effective method of repairing damage to buildings and systems.  Our expertise also facilitates our work with municipal building departments to expedite building permit applications.  Code interpretation is key to reviews and reports on the technical aspects of engineering relevant to litigation matters, and we have the expertise required to support and clarify technical issues raised in mediation.  Of particular interest to our clients is the interpretation of the various editions of the Ontario Building Code, and the documents referenced in it, including NFPA sprinkler systems.  We report to our clients on, and make recommendations concerning, TSSA regulations and codes for oil and gas installations, as well as component standards issued by CSA and ULC.  

Our experts bring clarity to the intricate world of building and systems codes, ensuring your projects align with regulatory requirements.  From initial design to project completion, trust McEwen & Associates to navigate the regulatory landscape with confidence.


  • Building and Systems Code Consultation
  • Regulatory Compliance Assessments
  • Code Interpretation for Design and Construction

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